I would not have the opportunity to do what I do without clients who trust me to share in their professional journey and a network of peers who have challenged me to think in new and different ways over the decades I have spent in this industry.  Thank you to each of you willing to share a story about our relationship.

“We have had the pleasure of working with Mark Olesen in the capacity of business coach and consultant.  Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to our young organization in ways we couldn’t imagine.  In just a short time, Mark has helped us gain focus, seek new markets, and develop a deliberate strategic growth plan for the company.  In addition, Mark provides senior level mentorship and is always available for a call for quick advice or detailed discussion.  I highly recommend The Mark Olesen Group for consulting services to any new or established company.”

Luke, President and Owner, Commercial General and Specialty Contractor

“[Our company’s] management team has the fortunate opportunity to benefit from Mark Olesen’s knowledge and expertise in the Construction Industry. His extensive experience is benefiting the business in contract negotiations, mentorship, leadership and B2B networking.  Mark is a humble leader who listens with intent and provides tremendous counsel.  Mark can also “roll up the sleeves and put pen to paper” to achieve an outcome versus only counseling on what to do.

Rarely do contractors get the benefit of a well-rounded construction leader.  It is an honor to recommend Mark in assisting other clients with the business acumen necessary to compete in this challenging industry.  His engagement and impact in [our company] is exceptional.”

Mitch, President and Owner, Specialty Contractor

“Mark Olesen has been an advisor for [our company] for about 6 months. Being this is the first time we have started a construction company; we have ideas on how to run the company but haven’t done it before so we don’t know if our ideas are sound. Mark has been in the construction business for so many years at different levels with different companies that we can trust his expertise and advice. Running a business can be over-whelming and he has helped us prioritize our action items. When we meet, we don’t try and take on all issues. We work through one or two, then move on to the next. It is organized and efficient, which is what we like. Most importantly, Mark is personable and flexible. He is easy to talk with. He embraces our ideas and doesn’t try and push all his ideas on what he has done in the past but rather enhance and guide our ideas. Sometimes we do ask how he did things before so we can implement his ideas, which he is always willing to share. Working with Mark has helped us confirm our ideas, make us think in different ways, become more profitable, and open our eyes to the things we don’t know.”

Ryan, President and Owner, Commercial General Contractor

“Mark has done a good job evaluating our needs and identifying some very specific areas of our operations and business methods to improve on.

Many consultants that we have worked with will approach our issues with a boiler plate solution they present to all clients.  Mark calls on his many years of practical experience to apply that knowledge to our exact needs.

Additionally, his years of experience has provided some valuable confirmations that what we experience, on a daily basis, is ” normal”.  There is great benefit in knowing what “normal” is, has provided encouragement and allowed us to focus our resources on the main thing while helping us avoid distractions.

Mark’s no-nonsense approach has been the medicine we have needed to learn and continue improving.”

Jeff, President and Owner, Commercial General Contractor

“After I became President of [our company] I recognized I needed someone to help me in the transition from being the head of operations to leading an organization.  I reached out to Mark because of his reputation as a proven leader in the construction industry and experience in managing the business of construction. My primary goal with Mark was to have him help analyze current markets and internal operational systems & processes and help develop and implement changes to those, all in an effort to increase profitability. After meeting with Mark over a short period of time, we were able to help guide me to develop higher margins from areas that (we) historically have been unable to do.  Mark allowed me to concentrate on developing new business while he helped improve on the fundamentals on how we conducted business.

I have found Mark to be very timely with his line of questions and incredibly thoughtful and cerebral in his analysis and quite forthright and honest in his assessment. He is a strong proponent of process and developing the right process and its impact on the bottom line.  I believe Mark understands the importance of strong leadership and performance in construction and he is able to translate and articulate this better than most in our industry. Mark’s documentation and follow-up allowed me to be able to hold myself accountable and move forward with many new important initiatives.

I recommend Mark to anyone who is willing to humble themselves enough to be honest about what their needs are as an organization by listening to his contributions resulting in immediate improved results.”

Dan, President and Owner, Commercial General Contractor

“My firm reached out to Mark for direction and guidance on how to develop strong business foundations and direction while facing the opportunity for multiple business endeavors. My team was full of passionate ideas but was looking for someone with the experience to help navigate us in the right direction. Mark brought years of industry experience to the table and was immediately able to jump in, acknowledge the opportunities and difficulties we were facing, and provide the guidance we needed. I was most impressed by Mark’s ability to listen to our team and pull out concrete themes and ideas he was hearing. He provided an outside perspective that gave us fresh thoughts to pull from. He helped us refine the ideas we shared in order to pour our energy into a concrete next step. Mark provided a focus for our team to communicate clearly and effectively with specific goals and ideas. Mark always presented himself in a calm and humble manner, communicating with us as a team member and helping us arrive at the solutions that were right for us. I would whole-heartedly recommend reaching out to Mark if you are looking for clarity and direction with your business.”

Emily, Partner, Architect and Design-Build Contractor

“Mark is knowledgeable, experienced, and an excellent communicator. He is patient and treats those around him with respect. Mark is a natural motivator, and has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter, avoiding pointless discussions of topics that stray off-target. He keeps the conversations focused, and allows for input from all parties, without condescension or judgement. Mark’s talents and expertise will easily transcend the construction industry to other disciplines and businesses.

I highly recommend Mark Olesen to anyone who earnestly desires to learn, grow, and improve.”

Wayne • President and Owner, Commercial General Contractor

“I have known and worked with Mark for 25 years.  I have the utmost respect for his knowledge, ability and professionalism.  He has a remarkable gift for being able to cut through the fog and complexity of construction processes and problems, make astute assessments and implement effective solutions. I can think of no better resource for construction industry executives to rely on for solving problems while improving organizational effectiveness and profitability. Mark works to very high standards and delivers results.”

Bruce Richards • Managing Partner, B.H. Richards and Associates

“I have known Mark Olesen for more than 20 years as co-members of a construction company owner’s peer group.  Mark has always impressed me with his calm professional manner and his deep knowledge of the construction industry.  Having participated in many discussions with Mark on how to solve problems we all face as owners of construction companies, I can confidently recommend his service to any construction company owner or CEO who desires a strong mentoring resource.”

Kim Bottles • Retired Co-owner, Rafn Company